Indulge the senses with tantalising snacks and beverages from all over the world between the two main stages on the festival terrain. While jeu de boules balls tap against eachother, enjoy a glass of wine and snacks prepared by trainee chefs from JAMIE OLIVER'S RESTAURANT, FIFTEEN. THE EUROPEAN LIFE I LIVE is an enjoyable getaway for the whole family, with a programme that will delight both young and old! Kids can also participate in DeZOEP CREATIVE BAR, a project that brings people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds together to create one collective artwork. Artists from Middle and Eastern Europe will demonstrate various techniques, motivate those visiting the pavilion and invite them to join in. A wall of the pavilion will be dedicated to public input, enabling anyone to create and decorate a part of it, using any technique and materials they choose. Bit by bit, a collective work of art emerges as a result of this interactive process. Reaching a broad audience to activate people from different social and cultural backgrounds to create one society that speaks the same language - the language of art - is DeZOEP's main goal.


This show travels back in time with his 78-rpm records and does not hesitate to give practical, old-fashioned domestic advice. Don't miss the show.


Hitch-hiking in a caravan - without a car - theater producer Tjerk Ridder travelled across Europe with nothing but his guitar and his Dachshund. Under the motto 'You need others in order to get further' Tjerk spent three months on the look-out for cars with tow bars to help him along. To his surprise, he was picked up on 53 occasions, and reached his final destination, Istanbul, after more than 2.700 kilometers on the road. Ridder 's show takes the public on an unforgettable trip based on universal themes such as dreams, vitality, loneliness and trust, revealing what can happen when people take the courage to open up to the unknown.


Sending greetings from Paris, kisses from London and eating pizza in Rome? At the Expat.tv stand, all that is possible. The same stand is also the starting point of the MULTILANGUAL WORD SEARCH FOR CHILDREN, organised in cooperation with Europe House to announce the European Day of Languages, taking place on 26 September.


This edition is the first step towards a new and exciting cultural Euro trip on the Lange Voorhout. If you would like to join in this year's festival, or are interested in the 2013 edition, contact Fleur van Rijn (fleur@prooost.nl), Walter Thomson (walter@prooost.nl) of PROOOST, or simply call 070-3606033.